Maitland Farm Preschool | Vero Beach, FL
Maitland Farm Preschool | Vero Beach, FL



Maitland Farm Preschool

Offering educational programs for children ages
21 months (by Sept. 1) – 5 years
7:30 am - 5:30 pm September – May
Choose from a variety of program options.

5990 Fifth Street SW
Vero Beach, FL 32968
772.567.1713 phone
772.567.1141 fax

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2016-2017 School Calendar

August 29, Monday- -Orientation all students
August 30, Tuesday- -First Day of School
August 31, Wednesday- -Room Parent Meeting
September 5, Monday- -Labor Day / NO SCHOOL
September 14, Wednesday- -Parent Open House for Threes
September 15, Thursday- -Parent Open House for Twos & Fours
September 23, Friday- -Staff Training / NO SCHOOL
October 1, Saturday- -Saturday Playdate
October 5, Thursday- -Volunteer Workshop, 9:15
October 21, Friday- -Staff Training / NO SCHOOL
November 1- 4- -Parent / Teacher Conferences
November 5, Saturday- -Family Fun Day
November 10, Thursday- -Girls' Night Out
November 11,Friday- -NO School
November 23-25- -Thanksgiving / NO SCHOOL
December 21-January 3- -Holiday Break/NO SCHOOL
January 4 Wednesday- -First Day back to School
January 16, Monday- -Martin Luther King Day/ NO SCHOOL
February 20, Monday- -President's Day / NO SCHOOL
March 3, Friday- -Parent / Teacher Conference / NO SCHOOL
March TBA, Saturday- -SPRING BENEFIT~~~~~~TBA
March 20 - 24- -Spring Break / NO SCHOOL
March 27, Monday- - First Day Back to School
April 14, Friday- -Good Friday / No School
May 26, Friday- -Last Day of School

May 30, Tuesday- -Summer Session Begins



What's so special about Maitland Farm Preschool?

Please call to schedule a tour. We do them in the morning at 9:30.
Children are welcome. Call 567-1713

Registration 2016-2017 School Year

Open registration is on going as long as we have spaces available and your child is of age to attend.