A Day at Maitland


During the course of a day, children have many opportunities to learn new skills and to use them in spontaneous play. By observing children in action teachers are able to measure their growth and to plan a program to meet the needs of each child.

Children will have opportunities to develop small and large muscles by the use of manipulatives, art and writing tools, and playground equipment.

Children will have opportunities to use language to communicate to others through conversation, dictated stories, songs and rhymes.

Children will learn the meaning of the written word as they see it used to label objects in the classroom, as quality literature is shared on a daily basis, and as they become emerging writers and readers.

Children will learn that math is part of everyday life as they build with blocks, sort and classify objects, measure and weigh materials, and count in a meaningful context--such as the number of eggs they gather from the red hen’s nest.

Children will experience the joy of discovery as they visit the nature garden, the barnyard, and the vegetable gardens. Many learning activities are centered in these areas.

Children will develop their imaginations as they make sense of their world and their feelings through play.

At Maitland Farm we don’t train a child so much as we create an environment in which the child wants to learn. We think each day can be a joyous experience as we learn and grow together!

Quality child care in a farm setting since 1978.